Organizacja Młodych Medyków



We are a student organization operating at the Medical University of Lublin recently, but we already have a number of successes. Existed since 2010 as a Student Scientific Young Medics, but their activities were going far beyond the scope of the Scientific Society, so currently we can boast the title of the organization, which is the guardian of the Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Division of Dentistry Professor Assoc. Ryszard Maciejewski. We are the only organization in our University, which brings together students of all faculties, our ranks are over 200 active working members, which also distinguishes us among other organizations. In 2014 years teamed with EMSA – Lublin branch of the European Society of Medical Students, which allows our members to trips abroad for internships and student training properly to every country in the world.

What is the key to success? Young Medics – Lublin EMSA put primarily on educating our members in conjunction with brilliant, friendly atmosphere. We carry many types of free workshops, including with intubation, ECG, suturing, punctures and injections, casting, massage techniques natal care, first aid, make-up – it is impossible to list them all, besides organizing a huge amount of preventive actions in Lublin and the surrounding area, which allows our members to learn how to direct contact with the patient, without fear and stress, because older colleagues are always younger and advice. We organize courses of anatomy and physiology for high schools and middle schools, a huge amount of pro-social action, such as the collection of medicines, bandages and first aid to people affected by the war in the world, collecting toys and sweets on the occasion of Children’s Day for the young patients of the University Children’s Hospital in Lublin and sweets collection for children to celebrate Thanksgiving.

We are open to any kind of work, not to mention all the projects, however, have already worked with DKMS at the “Two swabs & base” with the Student Scientific Society in organizing KONFRONTACJE Academic Art Festival on the occasion of the International Congress of the Medical Society of Lublin and Pharmacy Students Nursing students at the Guinness record breaking number of measurements of blood pressure, which led to the course successfully.