Organizacja Młodych Medyków


About us

We are a group of over 200 students.
The group exists from year 2010,in May we became officially an organization.
Students from all faculties of UM of Lublin can become a member of OMM.
Patron of OMM is the Dean of 1st Faculty of Medicine Ryszard Maciejewski MD, Ph.D.
Collaborators: volunteer center, LTSF, Academic Ministry, STN,TSS, Coolturka.
What keep us busy?
– classes for primary school and high school students
– student courses
– scientific researches, lectures, work publications
– educational trips
– social actions, events gatherings, and concerts
– profilaxis action in Lublin
Courses for students:
– suturing
– intubation
– cathetarization
– iniections
– plastering
– first aid
– perinatal care
– paliative care
– physical examination
– massage
– visage
– ECG reading
– radiology
Community work:
– sweets and toys gathering for patients of Children’s Hospital
-organization of concert for Children’s Day in USD
-participation in WOŚP
-participation in Medykalia
-occasional gatherings
– collaboration with projects, researches and events
-integration trips
-club events