Organizacja Młodych Medyków


Offer for companies


Preventive actions are our calling card. With mandatory training for people who make their measurements, they are always performed at the highest level. We focus on quality and professionalism, which is why every action is monitored by doctors and pharmacist. For each share is appointed Intervention Team, which is for the duration of the shares in full readiness to respond in case of need, eg. High blood pressure, fainting, hypoglycemia, cardiac arrest, and the like. As a young medics we are committed to each Our preventive action was carried out carefully and at the highest level. We also realize that some messages

and practical skills, even those seemingly obvious, require replication, persistence

and exercise. Therefore, we provide training, which aims to provide theoretical knowledge and practical training: proper blood pressure, determination of blood glucose and cholesterol levels, performing spirometry, etc., And the correct interpretation of the results. The training also aims, to draw attention to the wider prevention and self-control among patients.

We work with companies, institutions and organizations. Prepare preventive actions, during which we have measured:

  • Blood Pressure
  • blood glucose level
  • The level of cholesterol in the blood
  • saturation
  • Risk of osteoporotic fracture
  • The risk of incident


  • The level of body fat, muscle and bone
  • respiratory (pikflometria)
  • While every action we training in first aid in case of sudden illness and injuries and accidents. We also provide dietary advice. We organize and make-up massage positions.

Take advantage of the wide range of educational activities.

For the youngest we have a friendly learning the structure and function of human organs enriched with workshops, including simulation of ultrasound and echocardiogram, and position ćwiczeniowy panel integration.

Young people can take advantage of our well-known and well-validated projects: Anatomy and Physiology, First Aid, resistance in the syringe, talk about adulthood, Train to the head, get to know and recognize diabetes.