Organizacja Młodych Medyków



I.General resolves

1.Młodzi Medycy organizes the 21st Century Medicine – International
Medical Congress in Medical Univerity of Lublin together with partners.

2.All students from medical,pharmaceutical, paramedical , psychological,
social, biological, chemical and other faculties connected with medicine
can be participants of the Congress.

II The conditions of participation

1.The circumstanses under which a person can become either passive or
active participant of the Congress is to fulfill all the requirements stated below:

a)Online registration

b)Receiving a confirmation email from organizers of the Congress,in case of lack
of  registration confirmation from organizers within 72 hours you may have
to contact us by email address :

c) Payment of the registration fee from 1-14 of February 2016. In case of no payment
a registered participant will be cross out from the list of participants of Congress
and informed by an email.

2.There are two forms of participation:
a) passive participation- partaker that fulfilled all of the requirements from 1st part ,
will receive a certificate confirming participation along with materials and gadgets.
All workshops and integrational meeting are included in the payment.Co-author
of the thesis,who is not presenting is also called a passive participant.

b) active participant- partaker that fulfilled all of the requirements from 1st part
will have a chance to present his/her thesis as a PowerPoint presentation or a science
poster (A1 format). You will receive a certificate confirming participation along with
materials and gadgets ,certificate of performance.All workshops and integrational
meeting are included in the payment.

3.All thesis that are submitted have to have at most 4 authors.One of the authors
is required to orally present the subject of their topic by the use of prepared
Power Point presentation/ science poster. All thesis have to have a science
patron from university.

4.Participant is obligated to register the thesis, make the corrections or changing
the thesis within the time listed in the statute.Application is accepted/rejected
when a registrator receive a email with the decision.Otherwise you have to contact
the organizers in 7 days notice to resolve the problem of the delay.

III Rules of the Conference

1.The deadline for registration is 31st of January 2016. After this date the registration
won’t be possible,unless organizers will extend the registration time.

2.Participants of the Conference might be a student,a researcher or physical entity.

3.Organizers make a schedule of the Conference and they have a right to apply changes,
also at the same day that the Conference take place,they can also change the time
of the presentations to be presented.

4.Organizers have right to choose from the registered thesis those that are the most
suitable with the Congress topic and the form of their presentation: oral/ poster form.

5.Organizers are not responsible for the belongings of participants that might be lost,
destroyed or stolen during the Conference.

6.Participants are fully responsible for any damaged they make in the property that
the Congress will take place.

7.Participants are fully responsible for all the materials and informations presented,
for example the logo. advertisements,baners, stands, roll-ups,presentations etc.
Participants are also fully responisble for all the statements delivered during presentations.

8.Participants are obligated to obey the safety rules,as well as instructions
and organizational/technical command  of the organizers.

IV Payments

1.The rule of participation is to pay a registration fee within 1-14th of February 2016.

Transfer data: Account number: 94 1020 3147 0000 8002 0084 6238.
Medical University of Lublin, Racławickie 1, 20-059 Lublin
Transfer title: 21stCenturyMedicine_Name_Surname

2.Registration fee is 100zl for members ofEMSA European Medical Student’s Association
and 120zl for other participants.

3.Conference fee allows the participants to prepare and share with the audience two thesis.

4.Participants can present more thesis .In that case is needed to make an additional payment.

V Cancellation of participation

1.Cancellation of participation can be make only by contacting
the organizers by email address :

2.Registration fees and other payments won’t be a subject of reimburshment .

VI Personal data protection

Participant of the Conference is obligated to assent for proccesing of personal data
for the need  of Conference( according to the Legal Law 
about personal data protection from 29.08.1997  ; the abstract : Dz. U. z 2002r. Nr 101, poz. 926 ze zm.).