Organizacja Młodych Medyków


Of congress


Dear colleagues and friends!

It is an honor and inexplicable pleasure to present to you the first edition
of 21st Century Medicine International Medical Congress
at Medical University of Lublin.
Congress is held by the Young Medics Organization member
of European Medical Students Association.

It is our new born project and we would like to make it an annual event.
It is our intention to make the congress available for everyone
interested in this broad subject.  We want to achieve it by ensuring
that there is a wide range of lectures and workshops. More information
about workshops and lectures you can find in section ”PROGRAM”.

Students will present their papers and posters regarding modern
medicine issues. Students with papers and posters on other subjects from
the medical area are more than welcome to submit
and present their work as well!

As the President of the Organizing Committee, it is my pleasure to invite
you to the 21st Century Medicine International Medical Congress,
that will be held from 11th to 13th March 2016, hoping you will joins us
and help us make the Congress as great as we possibly can.

Jacek Skup

President of Organizing Committee



It all starts at the Department of Human Anatomy
at Medical University of Lublin, where an active group of students under
the leadership of Mateusz Szymański create an innovative association which
brings together students of all faculties.


Association takes part in the implementation of preventive actions, screening,
first aid courses, seminars and lectures in various fields of medicine,
conferences and workshops.


The chairman is James Spałek.  Dr Matthew Szymanski after finishing MUL
becomes our  supervisor. Young Medics in cooperation with LTSF
and Nursing Students beat the Guinness World Record in the number
of measurements of blood pressure (more than 8000 measurements).


Young Medics have their own place. There is also an idea of ​​turning
the group into a Student’s Organization and cooperating
with the Volunteer Center of MUL.

The chairman is Jacek Skup. We are organizing regular workshops
for students in the field of suturing, intubation, venipuncture, ECG,
first aid and plastering.


Working on the Statute of the Organization, organizational structure,
and an action plan for cooperation. Monika Drózd is a technical president.

In February we start volunteering at Hospice of the Good Samaritan.

May 12th is a date of the General Assembly accepts the Statute
and elect the Executive Board of the Organization. Jacek Skup is becomes
the President of the Board.

On the May 16th  prof. Barbara Jodłowska-Jędrych adds
Organization of Young Medics in to a MUL student’s organizations list.
It is the only organization which brings together students
of all courses of study at MUL, other universities and graduates.
Prof. Ryszard Maciejewski becomes our supervisor.


Young Medics Organization becomes a member of the
European Medical Students Association(EMSA), which allows us a more
dynamic development and international cooperation.